Sunday, July 23, 2017

Care Of Your Soul (灵魂关照)

Many people are facing problems in life and come to me, they hoped for an immediate solution to their problems. So, instead of responding to individual mails; below is just some of my personal experiences:

1. Stay away from magic

It is your freedom to what you want to do, but if you want a more down-to-the earth life; please just stay away from magical related items. There is nothing wrong with magic. The only problem is that magic does not work or give any tangible effects. Not only you waste your time and energy, you might have missed the most important chance in your life 'waiting' for magic to take effect. 

Then, when you are done with magic, you are left with a whole loads of useless magical items.

2. Believe in religion but not too engross in it

Like magic, religion is just for consoling our mind. Involving too young in religious matters may not be too good for a person's social and financial development. When too many young people involved in religious matters, the society became non-productive. No, I am not against religion but just to point out the fact of life.

3. Go out to meet people but keep your distance

Meeting people makes us learn a lot of things from others. But, please keep a distance and use your intelligence. Not all are good folks. It is better to be deceived early and realize your mistake than later.

4. Have a hobby

If you have nothing good to do, learn a hobby. This includes even planting a pot of flower or keeping a small aquarium. Keep your hobby in a manageable size and you will enjoy it. A lady once complaint to me that she had kept too many flowers and now had to source a new place and invest a lot of money. Well, this is not 'enjoying' a hobby.

5. Do something

Even if you are jobless, try to do some work. Charity work is good and helping others not only increase your social life but to improve your luck.

6. Watch your money

There is a saying that goes: "Money is not everything." but I further added that 'No money and you are nothing." So, it is only when you have got your money matters under control, you don't have a life.

7. Exercise more

Please keep your body healthy. Once your body is healthy, not only your mind is healthy; your money matters are healthy too.

8. Don't plan your retirement too early

Once you start thinking of retirement, you become lazy and life become boring. So, keep working and enjoy working!

The above is my ways of enjoying life and keep my soul alive. I don't want to nag more than that. So, Please take care of your soul!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Magic SEA Is Under Construction

Magic SEA materials are currently under construction. You are not likely to be affected if you are only browsing the ghost stories and some other materials. Some ritual specific materials may be removed.

Why is this change?
Magic SEA is visited by folks of all ages and interests. Some materials such as love magic and the like may be offensive to ladies or more religious folks. So, those contents would need to be moved to another blogs with details added.

There are over 1700 postings and most postings are unread. Those postings with less hit rates will be removed. I am hoping to keep the main posting to around 1000 or below.

Do I need to make a copy of the rituals?
No need. But you may do so as you wish. The posted rituals are mostly incomplete. The original intention is just to publish as many rituals as possible. 

Would materials continue to be posted?
Yes. Only ghost stories and non-ritual specific ones.

For the rest of the folks, business is usual.

Happy visiting!

The Family Ghost (家鬼)

I have told you about the story of the basketball and the lift, now let me tell you a story of my family ghost:

When I was about 10 years old, my parents moved to Talang Garden opposite the Taiping Road. It was a 3 room terrace house with a skylight in the middle of the house.

My room was the center room. At night when the light is turned off, I could see the figure of a man sat in the sofa in the living room before dawn and the figure only appear there for a while.

I couldn't see it clearly as it was really a black shadow with its head stooped. The black figure always sit at the end of the sofa. Interestingly speaking, the way this figure disappear was not as fast as lighting strike. Instead, it just faded in accordance to the brightening of the environment.

I have tried to watch TV in the sofa and nothing happens. But when I switched off the TV and when I turned my back, the black figure already sat in the sofa. Worst of all, my pillow was still in the sofa. That was the time I need to come so close with that figure. That was really an unforgettable moment of my life!

By hook or by crook that I had to pretend everything was okay but braved myself to approach the sofa while pretended to say: "Oh, I forgot my pillow" or "I have forgotten my school bag!"

My grandma used to advise me when I see a 'dirty thing' (ghost), I should pretend not to have seen it or else... For once the 'thing' knows that you can see it, then it will possess your body and there will be no end.

Having said so, I am not sure if my parents saw the black shadow too, but since it didn't really disturb us; no one really cares anyway until...

Once I was really scared by this 'invisible family member'.

I was lying in my bed and before I fell into slumber, I was awaken by some Cantonese song. The song was unlike those of the contemporary Cantonese song or those of the Classic Opera. It sounded somehow more or less like those lengthy old operas with questioning and answering mixing with gongs.

I immediately opened my eyes, the commotion vanished.

When I opened my eyes again, the commotions was as if just next to my ears.

I opened my eyes and the commotion vanished. And I closed my eyes, the sounds repeated.

So, silent-voices-silent-voices...

I started to recite some prayers: "Please let me alone..."

After a while I peeped at the sofa and nothing was seen. But as soon as turned my body to another side, big problem! 

There was a pair of legs under the chair near my study table. It was just the lower body of a figure with a pair of bare soles. Then I felt my body was frozen solid and I couldn't move except that I could still moving my eye balls.

The sounds of opera play became louder and louder...

Frankly speaking, that was my 'first time' experiencing 'hag ride'. 

I was lying on my side and I could see that a black figure wearing white shorts climbing into the bed.

There was nothing I could do and I gradually fell into sleep and when I could move again, it was already dawn.

Since the hag rode incident, I continued to see the black figure in that sofa. But as I became older, I saw it lesser and by the time my parents moved to Taiping, I have not seen it again until the house was sold.

Perhaps the black figure is still in that house, that I cannot tell.

Remembering My Great Compassionate Friend (忆大悲友)

I used to have a great compassionate friend, the late Mary who was an ardent Buddhist when alive.

Mary was so compassionate that she would step on the emergency brake of her car just to make way for a cat to pass in front of her. Stopping a car to give way to a small animal is not a bad thing to do in a 'safe' environment but it could be a VERY bad thing in a inter-state highway with speeding traffic. Of course, in case of an elephant or a cow crosses in front of your car, you should still stop it at all costs...

One day, news of Mary involved in a car accident while she was returning home from Kuala Lumpur came to me through Brother Woo. So we visited her after she was recuperating in her house.

After some casual talk with Mary, I asked about her accident and she said: "I was driving back after attending a religious activity and just as when I was approaching the Ipoh, a small animal ran across the road in front of my car.

I had to stop the car so as not to ram over it as I am forbade to kill... But as soon as I slammed onto the brake, a car behind me rammed into my car causing both cars to stick together and skidded into a drainage beside the highway.

O Mi To Fo (Homage to Buddha), Although I was hurt quite badly, I felt good as the small animal was not hurt... Perhaps I owed the small animal some bad karma and I had to repay the debt?"

As soon as I listened to what Mary had to say, I replied: "Maybe you need to be a little more careful next time or you may not be so lucky. You may lost your life! Now that you are fined with $300 for reckless driving and that you must fork out extra money to purchase a new car... or probably lost your job. How would you manage to get those money?"

Mary looked at me in blank, and asked: "Can you Bro Liew and Bro Woo lend me some money? The Buddha will certainly watch over you over your good deeds?"

I stood up and shrugged: "Beats me! I am broke myself. Perhaps after your bad karma is gone, your good karma will come? Maybe you can pray to the Lord Buddha to help. As a friend, I can donate a few hundreds..."

Bro Woo too stood up and said: "You know, this is the time of the year again. Everything needs money, the New Year is coming too... Didn't you have a statue of God of Fortune (财神), maybe he can help..."

We passed Mary a few hundreds of dollars and quickly excused ourselves.

I heard that Mary eventually raised enough fund to helped her to ride through her troubles from other great compassionate friends.

Then a few years later, I heard that Mary was killed in another freak accident. This time, a lorry rammed into her car and smashed her car into rubble taking her life. 

The lorry driver claimed Mary's car suddenly came to a halt and he failed to notice the car and ran over it...

Maybe Mary intended to save some life again. Hopefully her good deeds will enable Mary to RIP in Pure Land... Wherever the Buddha and Pure Land might be...

Compassionate in an improper way can harm the life of others too! Just think about it.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Self Liberation Of Our Mind (心性自解脱)

The original teaching of the Great Perfection (大圆满) emphasizes on 'self-liberation' of our entangled mind. Contrary to the common thinking, Great Perfection does not advocate the belief of Pure Land or Hell. Instead, we must understand the duality nature of our own mind:

Good vs bad, heaven vs earth, inside vs outside, right vs wrong...

It is because the two faces of our mind that make us suffer. People who suffered from mental depression is also due to their entangled mind between two sides: happy vs sad or right vs wrong.

The core meditation technique taught by Great Perfection masters is to 'see but don't judge'. Once a judgement is made, then a person tends to stand on sides and this is the beginning of 'samsara' (sorrow).

So, understand the core concept of Great Perfection, we also understand that the law of karma does not apply to a Great Perfection teaching as 'good and bad' are only relatively speaking.

A good thing to a person may be an unforgivable act to another. So, how can we judge and say which is good or bad? Which side would receive bad karma then?

Hence, the teaching of Great Perfection is thought as a dissident of Tibetan Buddhism and this teaching naturally invites controversy.

Staying on this context, there are many games in the West that could make players crazy. For example: The Three Kings, The Closet Game, One Man Hide And Seek, Dry Bones, Bloody Mary etc. 

Of course believers say that the Devil was at work. But a Great Perfection practitioner would point out that it is not the Devil but the games made the player's mind to be in a constant state of 'yes or no' self-talk state. So long as the person failed to snap out of this yes-no between stage, he/she would become paranoid or crazy.

The Great Perfection's remedy for this case is just to stop thinking and 'see' so as to get the 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' feel. Once a person can grasp hold of a secure feeling, then he/she will come back to his/her senses that there is nothing to bother him/her. In Great Perfection, when a person walks out of his/her state of fear, he/she is said to be 'self-liberated'.

Of course, not all players who played the above spirit conjuration games would face with problems. If you still remember the 'doer' and the 'thinker' that I have brought up in earlier postings, then you would have guessed that only a 'thinker' will get into trouble but not a 'doer'.

This is because a 'thinker' would engage in an endless state of ding-dong as to if the ghost would come or not. After a few hours of 'yes-no' self-talk, a thinker will go crazy. On the other hand, a 'doer' just do and less thinking. So a doer will feel the game is stupid.

In short, there is nothing so 'great' about 'Great Perfection'. 

To sum up: Great Perfection says that our mind is constantly switching state: happy-calm-sad. The '-' represents the intermediate states. If we are aware that the 'happy-me', 'calm-me' and 'sad-me' are all myself; then we have master the gist of Great Perfection.

So said, if you still thinking of becoming a 'Buddha', then a Great Perfection master would wallop you with a baton!

Taking Lift (搭电梯)

It is from Ben again. According to Ben, he has a very weird habit in taking lift. Whenever Ben enters a lift compartment, he would only enter it either on the left or right side avoiding the center. This is because a strange experience using lift when he was small.

Once Ben returned from school and he came to the lift lobby of his flat waiting for the lift. When the lift arrived, the lift door opened and it was empty, so Ben walked into the compartment.

As soon as Ben stepped in, he felt that he suddenly bumped into something and fell back. At first Ben thought that he might have overlooked someone but after some searching, there was no one around...

At this time, the lift door closed. So, Ben stood up and pressed the door open button and the lift opened again. After some hesitation, Ben walked into the lift and this time, he was successful in getting to the 11th floor where he leaved.

When the lift arrived at the 11th floor and the lift door opened. Ben was hesitate to go out in fear of 'someone' would rush in. But he ventured out anyway and this time, nothing happened.
Since that incident, Ben would rather go into a lift 'side way' to avoid bumping into some invisible creature.

Luckily, that was the only 'direct hit' (撞到正).

Perhaps Ben had bumped into some passenger from another world...

By now, you must have heard that a lift may be used to go to another world. If you are of those adventurous, then you may try the below simple ritual said to be originated from Korean urban legend. This is how:

According to the legend, a person only needs to press a certain floor combination on the level buttons and the lift will bring the person to another world.

If you wish to try, then please find a building which is at least 10 stories tall. Also you must make sure that you are alone in the lift compartment, then just press the level buttons following this order: 4-2-6-2-4-10-5.

When the lift moves to the 5th floor, a lady will enter the lift but whatever you do, please don't look at the person or talk to her.

After the lady came in, you must press the 1st floor button but the lift would bring you to the 10th floor instead. When the lift door opens, please exit the lift and you should be entering another world.

If the lady asks you where you are about, please don't answer her. However, if you want to return to the present world, just go into the same lift and press the above combination.

I am not sure if the above technique will bring you anywhere as the lift might break down due to improper handling... or you might be sued fro improper use of private property!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Basketball (篮球)

This is a story told by Ben:

I remembered that when I was around 7 or 8 years old, I picked up a basketball while on my way back from the school. It was quite a common basketball just like those ones sold in supermarkets.

Although the basketball has nothing special, I started to enjoy playing with the ball very soon. Since I was staying in a village house with my mother then and I was the only child, I have got used to play alone.

My basketball game is fairly simple: the basketball was being thrown about either from one corner in the house to another, or the ball was being thrown from outside of the house into my mother's bedroom through the skylight imagining that I was shooting basket in a basketball court. Then I would run into the living room and into my mother's bedroom to get the ball. And again this basketball would be thrown through the skylight to outside.

This repetitive games would look dull to a modern kid but it was quite an enjoyment to a poor kid like me at that time. Very strangely too that I could play with this basketball for entire day and never get bored.

So inward and outward bound I went for countless of times until I was sweaty all over. Then finally, after running for a lost count of times; when I rushed into my mother's bedroom to get the basketball, I saw a kid about my age was standing by the bed holding the basketball.

I knew this kid, he is Sam who stayed just opposite the street. But the question was that why this kid was in my house?

Before I could open my mouth, Sam looked at me and said: "Why do you steal my basketball?"

Feeling annoyed with such an accusation, I yelled at Sam: "I found the basketball by the roadside. If it is yours, then take it back!"

After yelling out the words, I felt indignant and went to get my mom who was cooking in the kitchen. After telling my mom about the basketball, she accompanied me to the bedroom but Sam was no where to be found though the basketball lied still on the floor.

After the dinner, my mom brought me to Sam's house with the basketball in the hope to return the basketball to Sam.

At Sam's place, Sam's mother came and greeted us. She looked as if she had been crying. After my mom told the lady about the basketball, Sam's mother looked astonished and after stood dumbfounded for a while, she finally said: "Sam was knocked down by a car while crossing the road in front of the school! He went to school early with his beloved basketball in the hope to play basketball!"

There was nothing both of us could have done but to leave Sam's basketball to his mother...